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About us

ECO Culture is a group of companies specialized in implementation of plant nutrition technology that promotes quality increase, crop growth and crop stress resistance. We also introduce integrated crop protection by using beneficial insects for pest control.


Biological agents are predators or parasites that are used for crop protection in greenhouses and unprotected areas. This is environmentally friendly, rentable and effective method of pest control in greenhouses, orchards and fields.

Стимуляторы роста растений
Plant growth stimulants

Plant growth stimulants of Biochefarm Rus company contain macro and micro sustainable meso-elements in chelated form, amino acids and other components based on seaweed. Such products as SEAMINO PRO, Rooter, Leili 2000 Pro (powder) promote plant rooting, growth and increase resistance to unfavorable conditions on early stages of development. Therefore, the harvest will be early and of high quality.

Удобрения и стимемяторы роста

ECO Culture offers to get acquainted with products of BioChefarm (Switzerland). This company produces products on seaweed, in particular: growth stimulants, natural and balanced chelated fertilizers.

Liquidation operations using ipm in the greenhouse 14.12.2017г Liquidation operations using ipm in the greenhouse

Continuous and long-lasting use of the greenhouse with a non-frequent and limited (usually cucumber and tomato) crop combination leads to the accumulation of pests and pathogenic microorganisms in it. Pests and diseases under favorable conditions are capable of destroying the cultivated crop within a month or two. Phytophages and pathogens are easier to destroy during the liquidation period than to control them later during the crop production.

Beneficials introduction on start of crop combination 08.12.2017г Beneficials introduction on start of crop combination

IPM method is used in greenhouses more often during the first crop combination (winter-spring period) due to climatic and economic conditions in our region. Though this period is more favorable for beneficials population development, it is important to follow some certain rules while their introduction.

Application of fertilizers on tomato and pepper open ground 02.11.2017г Application of fertilizers on tomato and pepper open ground

We have finally received the latest data from our study on the effectiveness of fertilizer application and are pleased to present the final data.