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Anagyrus pseudococci

Anagyrus pseudococci

A well-known parasitic wasp for controlling mealybugs in the field and greenhouse.


Unit of packaging

50 ml bottle contains: 500 pupae 


Transportation and storage

Storage temperature: 15–20°C.

Storage after receipt: 1-2 days. Avoid overcooling.


For control of Planococcus ficus, Planococcus citri. The wasp destroys second and third larvae instars and imago. If pest density is high, use Cryptolaemus montrouzieri.

Introduction ratio of Anagyrus pseudococci

If pest density is low, apply 0,1 pupae per 1 m2 every 2 weeks. If average - 0,25 pupae per 1 m2 and if high – 0,5 pupae per 1 m2.

Environmental conditions

Optimal temperature: 25°С. Lower temperature threshold: 13°С, top temperature threshold:  38°С.


This pest is characterized by sex dimorphism on imago instar. Females are brown (1,5-2 mm), bigger than male (0,8 mm) of black color.

Самец Анагируса псевдококки фото

Male of Anagyrus pseudococci

Life cycle

Female after mating is looking for a prey and laying one egg in it. The length of the life cycle from egg to adult depends on the temperature conditions. It is more than 40 days at 17,5 °С and 10 days at 35°С. Males appear from unfertilized eggs, and females appear from fertilized. The definition of sex also affects which stage of the pest the egg was introduced: from the host affected at the second larval stage, mainly males appear.


Light in greenhouse has some effect on wasp activity.