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// // Application of fertilizers for growing cucumber in open ground

Application of fertilizers for growing cucumber in open ground

Application of fertilizers for growing cucumber in open ground

Cucumber is grown in large quantities, both in closed and open ground. It is grown both by amateur gardeners on their own plot, and by agronomists who are specialists at agricultural enterprises. This plant refers to the most thermophilic and demanding moisture, which should be taken into account in its production. Any kind of soil is suitable for growing cucumber. However, it is preferably to use fertile soil of sabulous and loamy type with acidity close to neutral.

Below there is a scheme of cucumber production in open ground when using fertilizers recommended by our company.

Preparation of soil

The soil should be prepared immediately after harvesting the forecrop. As a rule, make disking or scuffling at depth of 8 - 10 cm. Since autumn organic, potash and phosphoric fertilizers are applied. To improve the soil properties, you can use the product saturated with humic acids named Gumiful. For mulching in early spring, the soil is harrowed for sowing cucumbers. For faster germination of seeds and plant growth, the selected seeds of cucumbers can be soaked in an aqueous solution of growth stimulants Retera and Siamino Pro.

Planting of cucumbers

Cucumbers are grown in two ways:

- field-seeded;

- transplanting.

Planting of cucumbers is made only after the soil warmed up to +14 ... + 16 ° C and there is no threat of frost. Seedlings can be planted in the open ground a little earlier, but it is necessary to provide plastic cover. When planting cucumbers, remember that the seedling itself should have 2-3 leaves and be of 2 - 3 weeks. In this case, the rate of seed sowing is directly dependent on the type of soil and the method of sowing. Also both single-row and band sowing of cucumbers is possible. The depth of sowing seeds on light soils is 3-4 cm, for heavy soils 2-3 cm.

Cucumbers grow quickly, and therefore they need a lot of nutrients. This is due to their underdeveloped root system. Therefore, we recommend using Rooter, the root system stimulant for better root development in plants. At the beginning of the vegetative period, plants need a full range of organic and inorganic substances, for this purpose the combination of Siamino Pro and Leili 2000 is best suited. In the future, it is possible to use NRK feeding.

Plant nutrition

During the entire vegetative period, 2-3 cucumber dressings should be carried out for the full care of cucumbers, especially at the beginning of flowering and during budding (Rooter + Siamino Pro and / or Leili 2000). At the same time, practice shows that cucumber dressing on sabulous and sandy soils is most effective through a drip irrigation system (fertigation) or foliar treatment (Siamino Pro, Leili 2000), use Rooter for watering under root. According to experts, method of leaf fertilizing is an effective tool for stimulating the physiological processes of plants (the formation of ovaries, the development of the flower itself, stable resistance to diseases). 

Maintenance of cucumbers

In order to organize the proper care for cucumbers, it is necessary to make thinning of plants even when the first cucumber leaves appear. It is important that the spacing between shoots in one row is not less than 25-30 cm. Inter-row tillage is a necessary measure that must be carried out regularly in the process of plant growth.

Another important rule is the systematic watering of cucumbers. At the first signs of the appearance of pests or diseases, it is necessary to start protective measures. Drip irrigation of cucumbers is one of the most effective methods that are used today in agriculture. With this watering of cucumbers, water flows straight into the root system, allowing plants to quickly gain strength, reducing water consumption and preventing the appearance of weeds. As a rule, when watering, fertilization of cucumbers is simultaneously carried out.

Harvesting of cucumbers is recommended to be carried out regularly. If the fruits overgrow or overripe, they "take" the plant nutrients, which leads to a decrease in crop yields.