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Tuta absoluta 07.12.2016г Cross-resistance of tomato moth to preparations

Insects, like other living organisms, can develop resistance to the action of certain preparations. Cross-resistance or cross-resistance is the ability of pests to adapt to the effects of chemical insecticides that have a common mechanism of action.

Tomato Moths 06.12.2016г Chemical products remedies for tomato moth control

When there is a large number of pests in the greenhouse, and entomophage populations are not yet large enough to control - without the use of chemical preparations of plant protection cannot do. There is a list of effective preparations against Tuta Absoluta.

Tuta absoluta 05.12.2016г Biological control of tomato moth

Today, two bugs are used against tomato moths: Macrolofus caliginosus and Nesidiocoris tenuis. Both bugs feed on eggs and larvae of the pest, but they prefer eggs.

Tuta Absoluta 04.12.2016г Tomato moth control in a greenhouse

The control of tomato moth includes the same methods as the control of other pests of protected ground. Unfortunately, there is no single method of control tuta, the use of which could give a 100% result. For a positive result, a combination of all existing methods of combating this pest is required. To overcome Tuta Absoluta and save the maximum amount of crop, while spending as little money as possible, you need to take the right steps at the right time.

Tuta Absoluta 03.12.2016г Tuta absoluta - spread and harmfulness

Vita Halaly, an agronomist ND consultant, biologist at BioBee (Israel), talks about the harmfulness and spread of tomato miner moth (Tuta Absoluta).

Vegetable crops of the closed ground 02.12.2016г Perspectives and peculiarities of growing plants in protected ground

As an agronomist, I believe that the simplest crop that can be grown is a lettuce, and nothing is simpler. On the second place is the cucumber, the third, in my understanding, is eggplant, the fourth is tomato, and the fifth place is pepper.

Nesidiocoris tenuis 28.11.2016г Biological control of moth in greenhouse

Alexander Yurievich Shagaev, a skilled expert, agronomist and consultant, shares his experience of using entomophages for control of moths in protected ground.

Stress Management in Plants 26.11.2016г Stress control on plants

Обработки препаратами для защиты растений от болезней и вредителей могут вызвать стресс на культуре. Шагаев Александр Юрьевич рассказывает, как бороться со стрессами на растениях в закрытом грунте.

Protection of plants against diseases 25.11.2016г Plant diseases in the greenhouse

The production of protected ground vegetables is not possible without plant protection from diseases and pests, whether they are film greenhouses or high-tech greenhouses. In order to protect the crop from diseases, it is necessary to know the causes of its development and methods of treatment.

Tomatoes in the greenhouse 24.11.2016г How to use ECO Culture products in a greenhouse

Alexander Shagaev gives advice on the use of organic fertilizers and preparations containing amino acids when growing plants in a greenhouse using low-volume technology.

Stimulators of plant growth 23.11.2016г Growth stimulants

Управление балансом растения – это то, что можно делать агрономическими способами: если понижаем концентрацию питательного раствора, происходит вегетативное развитие, повышаем - генеративное развитие. Это то, что агроном может сделать без стимуляторов. Однако, если нет возможности выставить нужную температуру в теплице из-за внешних факторов, то именно стимуляторы (регуляторы) роста могут направить растение в сторону вегетации или генеративного развития.

nutrient solution 22.11.2016г Nutrient solution and development of plants in the greenhouse

A nutritional solution for a hydroponic plant in the cultivation of closed ground plants should have a certain concentration so that they develop in the direction of vegetative growth or generative

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