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// // // Chemical products remedies for tomato moth control

Chemical products remedies for tomato moth control

Tomato Moths

When there is a large number of pests in the greenhouse, and entomophage populations are not yet large enough to control - without the use of chemical preparations of plant protection cannot do. There is a list of effective preparations against Tuta Absoluta. Some of these preparations are compatible with the biological protection system in whole or in part, part is not. The preparations presented in the article have world practice of use in the fight against this pest, and different countries have registered different products.

From the experience, products effective against Tuta are: Tracer (spinosad), Pirat (chlorophenapyr), Avant (Indoxocarb), Coragens (chloranthraniliproles), Fame (Flubendiamide), Divipan and Talstar (Bifentrine). The trekker or any other spinosad insecticide is effective against young larvae (up to 5 mm), that is, the first, second and third stages of the stage. The contact formulations are used together with the adhesives for greater efficiency. Tracer, Pirat, and Avant are partly compatible with entomophages, but they can also be used in an integrated defense system if the program of application of one or another method is right.

Application of Coragen against Tomato moth

Today the very effective preparation against tomato minispray is Coragen (chloranthraniliproline), however, the first signs of the beginning of development of resistance of the pest to it have already been noticed. Coragen is registered as a leaf preparation, but I often recommend using it under the root. If you use the drug on the leaf, then its protective effect is approximately 2 weeks. If to do insecticide application under the root, then the protective effect can be maintained for 4-6 weeks. In this case, it is important to correctly carry out the treatment and in the desired concentration: the leaf treatment is carried out with a concentration of Coragen 0.02%, and when applied under the root it is 0.03%. Under no circumstances should more than 2 treatments be made with this drug a year if we want to preserve its effect on this phytophage. Unfortunately, at the moment the new active substances against Tutus Absolutes are not expected, therefore it is necessary to preserve the effectiveness of existing insecticides.

How to make Coragen treatment under the root

It is necessary to ensure that the working solution in the desired concentration is around the roots of the plant for 4-5 hours. It is important that there is no excess water in the mat, otherwise the working solution will be very diluted or drained before the plant absorbs it. Preferably, the mate has been slightly dried before handling. For this, one irrigation is usually missed before the preparation is applied. The amount of the working solution of the preparation is used so that it does not go into drainage. This amount must be calculated for each greenhouse combine separately from their irrigation system. Usually the treatment is carried out in the morning, when it is not hot, but the plant already transpires and absorbs the solution. The next watering (after 4-5 hours) is carried out, as usual, with drainage. The use of Coragen under the root in the fight against Tuta Absoluta is a proven practical experience in a way with good efficiency and is not registered.


Fame is an effective contact agent against the Tuta Absoluta, which is capable of containing the pest population for 1.5-2 weeks. It does not work when you put it under the root. Fame, although it has another active ingredient (flubendiamide), acts on the same mechanisms in the organism of the pest as Coragens. There is cross-resistance between these two preparations, which should be taken into account. Takomi, Belt, Fame, Fenos are all the names of one insecticide that has the active substance flubendiamide. Therefore, treatments with all these preparations have one effect and they are not recommended to alternate with Coragens.

Alverde against Tuta Absoluta

Alverde (metaflumizone) is a fairly new preparation, which is practically identical to Avanto (indoxacarb). It is effective in treatments, especially with oil, but cross-resistance is possible between it and Avant.

Preparations for disinfection of the greenhouse

It is important to properly treat the greenhouse at the end of the season, especially if Tuta had already been in the greenhouse. It is more difficult to cope with the pest not in the first season of its appearance in the greenhouse, but on the next, if the liquidation work between the revolutions was not qualitative enough. The following drugs are recommended for liquidation: Talstar (bifentrin) and Divipan (divipan). These preparations are treated: soil, coatings, walls, racks and pillars of the greenhouse. They work well with the pest imago. If the floor cover is treated with Talstar, and the larva of the fourth stage, which descends down on the thread for puncture, falls on it, then it dies. However, Talstar does not work on pest dolls. Due to the action in the gas phase, Divipan is capable of capturing a part of the puppets of the tomato mining moth. In order for entomophages to come into the greenhouse after the liquidation treatment, it is necessary to consider the timing of decomposition of the active substance of disinfection preparations. Evictions of useful insects are made only after the expiration of the necessary time.

Low-efficacy preparations against Tuta Absoluta

There are a lot of preparations that are trying to use against the Tuta Absoluta, but the effect of using many of them is not worth the money spent. Based on my own observations and the experience of colleagues, I can say that Vertimec (abomectin) has practically no influence on the Tuta Absoluta, as well as Proclaim (emamectin benzoate), although many use them. Lannat is an old, very rigid drug that is not compatible with bio-agents and is ineffective against the Tuta Absoluta, so its use does not produce the desired result. Eksirel is another drug that can be used against tomato moth, but it is registered to fight against whitefly. It does not work against the Eksirel. There is information that Eksirel is effective against the thrips, but we did not notice this effect of the product.

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