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// // // Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Belongs to Coccinelidae. Controls mealybug in greenhouse.


Unit of packaging

A 500 ml bottle contains 1000 adults.

Transportation and storage

Store in the dark.

Storage temperature: 10°C.

Storage after receipt: 18 hours.


Larvae and adults kill all instars of mealybug, aphid, icerya and bark lice. Apply predator on top of most infested leaves. It is recommended to introduce predator early in the morning or late evening (cool weather).

Introduction ratio

When low pest density, introduce 2-3 adults per 1 m2 every two weeks. There are 3 introductions. When high pest density, introduce 3 adults per m2 every week.

Application conditions

Optimal temperature: 20-26 °С, humidity: 70-80%. Daylight: 18 hours. Searching capacity reduces at temperature 30-32°С. Low temperature threshold: 16°С, upper temperature threshold: 35°С. Predator can die at temperature under 9°С.


Adults have superior wings. Color: black with brown-red belly, size: 3-4 mm. Larvae look like mealybug’s larvae. Firstly they are of yellow-green color, then covered with white coating in the form of irregular outgrowths.

Молодая личинка Криптолемус монтрузиерри картинка

Young larva of Cryptolaemus montrouzieri


Life cycle

There is an egg instar, 4 larval instars, pupa and imago. Life cycle at optimal conditions lasts 25-40 days. The female during life (about a year) lays more than 1000 eggs. Ratio of males and females in a population is 1: 1.

Личинка Криптолемус монтрузиерри изображение

Larva of Cryptolaemus montrouzieri hunts for scales



The activity of an insect depends on the duration of sunlight. Adults in search of food can fly over considerable distances.