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Cucumber mosaic

Cucumber mosaic

Pathogen: Cucumber mosaic cucumovirus (CMV).



The disease is often found in greenhouses.

Conditions of development of the disease

Low temperature enhances development of the disease. The incubation period depends on the stability of the variety and the stage of development of the plant and ranges from 5 to 20 days.

Symptoms of the disease

The onset of the disease

The disease begins on seedling. The leaves of the plants yellow in places, their surface becomes not even, wrapping around the edges. In the color of the leaves there is an alternation of dark green and yellow spots.

Development and consequences of the disease

There is cracking of the base of escape of the affected plants. Fruits also change the color of the mosaic, they can bend and wrinkle.

With a sharp drop in temperature, the stalk becomes glazed, the diseased plant fades away, and the fading of flowers is observed.

Sources and causes of infection

About 70 kinds of aphids tolerate this disease. The disease can go to healthy plants with juice.

The virus is not stable in vegetable juice and during the composting of plant remains, it dies within 2 months.

Control measures

The disease is practically not treated.

To prevent the development of the disease, prevent the spread of the aphid in the cucumber. Grow stable cucumber varieties.