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Master Green Ca 14% Master Green Ca (14% + amino acids 10%)

chelated calcium with amino acids

Unit of packaging: 1 liter, 5 lliter or 1 kg, 5 kg.

Master Green Fe 10% Master Green Fe (10% + amino acids 35%)

ferric chelate with amino acids in an intelligible form for plants

Unit of packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg.

Master Green Zinc Master Green Zn

water soluble microgranules of alkaline zinc with amino acids

Unit of packaging: 1 kg, 5 kg.

Master Green 2000 Pro Total Master Green 2000 Pro Total

chelates with macro-, micro- and meso elements with amino acids

Unit of packaging: 1 liter.

Fertilizers Soft Guard

Liquid containing oligosaccharides and potassium, for soil restoration

Packing: 1 liter, 5 liters.

Soft Guard Bioagent Plus Soft Guard Plus

bacteria Trichoderma and oligosaccharides for plant immunity improvement

Packing: 1 liter, 5 liters.

Soft Guard Bioagent Trichoderma Soft Guard Bioagent + (Bacterial Trichoderma 10-15 * 12)

water soluble crystals of organic and beneficial microorganisms

Unit of packaging: 1kg, 20 kg.

HumicFull Pro HumicFull Pro

Fertilizer for soil characteristics and improvement and development of beneficial microorganisms

Packing: 1 liter, 5 liters.

Double Win NPK 18-18-18 + TE Double Win NPK 18-18-18 + TE

NPK fertilizer with microelements on seaweed

Packing: 4 kg, 25 kg.

Double Win K Double Win K 0-0-35+TE

Potassium fertilizer with chelated micro- and meso elements

Packing: 4 kg, 25 kg.

Double Win P Double Win P 0-30-0+TE

Phosphorus fertilizer with chelated micro- and meso elements

Packing: 4 kg, 25 kg.

In nature everything is arranged in such a way that the process of delivering nutrients to plants occurs by itself, but still, the owing of crops will not be profitable without mineral nutrition. The costs for seeds and pesticides, complex of field and harvesting work lose their meaning.

A special role in the development of any plant lays in the effectiveness of their nutrition. Plants should receive enough meso- and microelements, such as potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, calcium, etc. Some plants need only a small amount of fertilizers and only a certain time of the year, while the rest must be fertilized all year round. Often, in slowing the development of plants, we have to deal with a lack of nutrients and water.

The effectiveness of fertilizers is very high thanks to the following:

  • There is a synthesis of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins in the plant;
  • fertility of soil increases;
  • resistance to adverse external factors, diseases and stresses increases;
  • supply of water and oxygen to the soil improves, the activity and development of plants increases;
  • the general condition and appearance of plants improve;
  • the yield of garden, field and garden crops increase.

Types of fertilizers

The modern fertilizer market presents a diverse and wide range of different additives and nutrients, it is not so difficult to make the right choice. The whole complex of fertilizers can be divided into large groups, each of which has its advantages, but pursue only one goal - to maintain the vital activity of plants and give them the right amount of nutrients that can ensure their normal growth and development.

All fertilizers are represented by the following groups:

  • Mineral fertilizers;
  • Organic fertilizers;
  • Organo-mineral complexes;
  • Bacterial and microfertilizers

Selection and application of fertilizers

Mineral fertilizers are mainly produced industrially (urea, vitriol, saltpetre, etc.) and with the correct dosage and application, they are able to significantly increase the yield of plants, improve the quality of fruits and the timing of their storage. Mineral nutrients are brought in both spring and autumn, but it is possible to use in summer.

Organic fertilizers are considered to be the most natural, have a multilateral effect on soil characteristics and are easily assimilated by the root system. First of all, they serve as the main source of nutrients and carbon dioxide, all the necessary micro- and macroelements are received with them. They are a source of food for the microorganisms of the soil, thereby improving the air nutrition of plants. The systematic use of organic fertilizers will improve the chemical, physical, biological properties of the soil, balance the water and air regime.

Complex fertilizers are distinguished by the fact that they contain two or more organomineral elements in their composition. They contain varying nutrients: phosphorus, potassium, nitrogen and a set of microelements. The complex of organic and mineral components is balanced, thus, significantly affects the development and vital activity of plants.

Bacterial preparations do not directly participate in plant nutrition, but only indirectly contribute to the development of beneficial microorganisms, which in turn affect the nutrient regime of the soil. Microfertilizers fill the lack of elements in the soil, such as iodine, copper, molybdenum, zinc, boron, manganese, etc.

In farming, liquid fertilizers are very well used and practiced. They are very quickly and easily digested, contain nitrogen and potassium, and also are very effective in use as fertilizers, including foliar ones.

Buy fertilizers and dressing for plants

Prices for fertilizers depend not only on the composition of components and the characteristics of the production process, but also on the manufacturer and brand. It is a wide range of products and online stores that will help you save considerably when buying fertilizers.

Fertilizers offered by ECO Culture are of high quality and efficiency. These fertilizers consist of organic and mineral fertilizers in the form of a soluble mixture of chelating elements. The natural source of these fertilizers are seaweed which contain a full range of minerals, as they grow in seawater.

Gumiful Pro is a substance that provides effective plant protection, and is designed to restore and improve soil characteristics.

Soft Guard Bioagent is a water-soluble microcrystals containing microorganisms that has shown high efficiency in any type of soil. They contribute to the improvement of soil characteristics, stimulate the growth and development of plants.

Double Win is a fertilizer balanced by trace elements in a chelated form, and is the decisive factor of the high efficiency of top dressing of all crops.

Master Green is used for mineral nutrition and treatment of plants, to increase yield and improve the formation of fruits, while it is easily assimilated by plants.

In ECO Culture everyone can easily and quickly find the necessary fertilizers, effective corrective fertilizing, stimulants of active and stable plant growth. We are happy to work for you and your plants.