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Gloves for working with plants. Protect your hands from sharp objects, dirt, as well as from uncomfortable temperatures for work. Gloves are used when working with spiny plants, contaminated environment, protect against scratches and skin irritation. They have a long service life.



Primary purpose: for greenhouse and garden works

Shipping weight: 120 gr.

Composition of gloves

Protective work gloves are made of natural, hypoallergenic materials. The basis of the glove is cotton fabric (knitwear) - a warm and simultaneously well-ventilated material. To increase strength and durability, the working glove blade contains polyester.

Distinctive features of gloves

Strength and durability. Gloves are made of quality material; they will serve you more than one season. Original, but at the same time very functional design. Waterproof material, no longer worry about digging in mud or damp soil.