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// // // How to use ECO Culture products in a greenhouse

How to use ECO Culture products in a greenhouse

Tomatoes in the greenhouse

Alexander Shagaev gives advice on the use of organic fertilizers and preparations containing amino acids when growing plants in a greenhouse using low-volume technology.

Preparations with amino acids for plants

If you take medications containing amino acids, they can vary in quality, which should be taken into account. The quality of the amino acids depends on their origin, size (whether they penetrate the parenchyma) and whether they can engage in metabolic processes of the plant. The origin of amino acids is different, they are: vegetative, marine. I believe that amino acids should not be related to this plant, that is, alien. Algae based preparations are more preferable than plant origin. An example of the fact that products of alien origin are better is a chitin containing drug Narcissus made from a crab shell. In Russia, all greenhouses use it, in any period of cultivating crop.

The first amino preparations appeared relatively recently. At the first application, I did not notice any special results in crop. But when I got into a seedling in stress in the second turn, I realized that with this it was necessary to work. With these drugs you can "pull" any seedlings, make them beautiful, can reduce its energy load, because the synthesis of any compounds in the plant - is a waste of energy ATP, ADP. So, the amino acids that apply on the leaf, allow the plant to develop very rapidly. For example, you need to give seedlings in a week, and it's terrible in you - do it after a day of treatment with amino preparations and after a week you give up and rejoice: the roots are beautiful, the leaves are beautiful, only that they have done 2 extra treatments and everything. Formulations containing amino acids, it is better to apply on the sheet, which will allow faster effect.

Some products (Agla 1000, Saiino Pro, Leili 2000 Pro) of ECO Culture contain alginic acids that help keep moisture in the root zone. If the plant loses excess moisture, then the EU increases and it is possible to get a burn of roots, therefore such preparations are actual and when applied under a root.

Leili Pro 2000

If you make a strain of culture when sowing with the drug Leili Pro, then the trace elements and organic substances of algae that are part of it will create a primary microbiota. When there is a problem with the microbiote, Leili can be used. Strain, I recommend, only for the creation of primary microbiota at the beginning of the revolution. It is just such preparations that you can pull the seedlings out if there is a problem. Microelements are always lacking in sowing, and pure biological substances contribute to the fixation of biologics. If a biopreparation and organic substances have been added to the pure substrate, then the latter are nutrients for the first one. And if the biopreparation is fixed in the root zone, then there will never be any more pytium, fusarium and other pathogens. Fusarium itself is a weak fungus, but it can occupy a free niche, from which "squeeze" it will not succeed later. Also Leili Pro 2000 can be used as extra root nutrition to maintain a culture with its vegetative development.

Boro Pro

Boro Pro contains organic boron and is used primarily on beets, but also in greenhouses. Organic boron treats a regional burn on a lettuce. On a lettuce it is used before transferring from cassettes to the main compartment through the system of irrigation from above, when a frame is used that travels over the crop. If you apply Boro Pro on the stage of the cassettes, then in the main section on the salad will not have an edge burn. The lettuce on the main compartment grows 24-28 days, accordingly, having received the initial charge of boron at the stage of seedlings, he no longer requires processing and this element will be enough for him. On the "groove" the salad no longer requires boron.

Organic boron is also used on tomatoes, but its consumption is quite small. He is involved in the transportation of Calcium. Plum-like tomatoes are particularly susceptible to apical rot, so when detecting the first symptoms of the disease, it is necessary to apply calcium chelate in a mixture with organic boron. But this is a symptomatic control, it is always necessary to control with the cause of blossom-end rot - with bacterial disease. Organic Boron does not cause burns on plants, unlike boric acid or borax. Chelate Boron does not exist in nature, but manufacturers make a mixture of organic substances and Boron, receiving a mild action preparation. The preparation is about 1 liter per cubic meter of solution, but it was not invented for greenhouses, but for sugar beet where it is used in tons.

Testing results of preparation use

The microelements will always work. If you treat a certain part of the greenhouse with such preparations, the result will be noticeable. The result may not be the result of error handling. If, for example, Leili Pro 2000 has been introduced, and there is nothing left to do with it, there can be no difference. The microelements always produce the result, even without the effects caused by the organic substances of algae. However, if an error is made, the chelates may fall into the precipitate, due to the incorrectly prepared solution. It all depends on the competence and desire of the people who make the treatment. The human factor plays an important role in obtaining results. For example, the same seeds of hybrids, if they are offered in different packages, according to agronomists, give different results. However, it should be borne in mind that the greenhouse is a regulated system and, if there are no violations in the technology, then the results from substituting certain preparations for others may be imperceptible. The result cannot be seen if the microclimate is observed, there is no overheating, everything is in order with humidity, the food is served in time. The result can be only in saving, if this drug is cheaper than the analogous. If there are problems in the greenhouse in the regulation of the microclimate, there are violations in the technology of cultivation, then stimulants and micro elements can improve the state of crop.

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