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HumicFull Pro

HumicFull Pro

Organo-mineral fertilizer for improving soil properties and development of beneficial soil micro-borders.


Physico-chemical properties: liquid; pH = 6.0-9.0.

Packing: 1 liter, 5 liters.

Consumption rate: 20-30 ml / 100 liters of water, depending on the crop.


It is used for mineral nutrition of agricultural crops as foliar dressings of cereals, technical, vegetable, fruit and berry, forest, floral and ornamental crops, lawns during vegetation by spraying, fertigation and hydroponics; Treatment and prevention of plant diseases, increasing yields and improving the formation of fruits.

Composition of HumicFull Pro

Humic acids 50 %
Fulvic acids 10 %
Potassium (К2О) 8 %

Application rate and method of treatment

Field crops

Foliar top dressing should be done in the morning or in the evening, or during the day in cloudy weather. Foliar top dressing is made in the first half of the growing season with an interval of 2 weeks spending 50-100 ml (for vegetable), or 100-300 ml (for trees and shrubs) Gumiful Pro per hectare.

Vegetable and decorative greenhouse crops

During hydroponic growing Gumiful Pro is introduced through the irrigation system every 15-20 days up to 3 times per season at the rate of 0,3 - 0,5 l / 1000 l of water.

Fruit and berry crops

When soaking seeds before sowing for 12-24 hours, the rate of application of the product is 2-5 l / 100 l of water per 100 kg of seeds. When soaking the root system of seedlings of vegetable and flower-decorative crops, seedlings of fruit and ornamental plants for 1-3 hours use 0.5-1 l / 100 liters of water. During planting or transplantation, a solution prepared with 50-100 ml / 100 l of water, 50-100 ml of a working solution per plant, is applied to the root.

Product features

Components of Gumiful Pro stimulate the development of beneficial soil microorganisms, which in turn advance soil restoration and promote the accumulation of humus. The joint effect of soil microflora and humic acids makes it possible to provide plants with nutrients in a form accessible to them.

Time of application in open ground