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Macrocheles robustulus

Macrocheles robustulus

Predatory mite living in top soil. Controls thrips (nonmotile), eggs, larvae and pupae of moth, larvae of fungus gnats etc.


Unit of packaging

Tube contains 50 000 mites of all stages


Transportation and storage

To store in the dark.

Storage temperature: 10-15°C.

Storage after receipt: 1-2 days.


Use preventively to control thrips and two-winged on ornamentals.

Introduction ratio

Introduce 50-500 species per m2.


Soil should contain enough humus, be humid and loose structure and temperature above 15°С. Predator becomes inactive at 10°С.


Color: adults brown, size: 0,6 – 0,8 mm. Larvae color: white.

Life cycle

During life females lay 70-90 eggs into soil. Development from egg to imago lasts 10-13 days at temperature 25°С. Population grows very fast, faster than Hypoaspis population.


In cover lay biotope effectiveness is higher. Additional nutrient elements influence favorably predator’s population. Can live without prey during 2 weeks.