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Mosaic on rose

Mosaic on rose

The causative agent is the rose mosaic virus (RMV).



The virus is spread all over the world and can affect various plants together with other viruses.

Conditions of development of the disease

Signs of infection usually appear only after the plant's thermal stress or drought. In some varieties, the disease may not appear at all.

Symptoms of the disease

The onset of the disease

The exact detection of a virus can only be done by studying the material under an electrical microscope, so the main method of diagnosis is the examination and comparison of the symptoms of the disease. The definition of the disease is complicated by the fact that in different varieties of the virus can manifest itself in different ways. Different viruses or their combinations (with ArMV, ApMV and / or PNRSVE) can give rise to various symptoms. Also, the conditions of the environment affect the appearance of these or other symptoms of the disease.

The main symptoms of the mosaic virus on rose are figures and spots of an undefined shape, as well as wavy lines of yellow or light green on the leaves. Symptoms of the disease may occur only in one shoots of the bush, but the pathogen spreads with juice throughout the plant, although in individual organs its concentration may vary.

Development and consequences of the disease

The leaves become deformed and smaller. Shoots dwarf, flowers quality worsens. The plant becomes less resistant to environmental factors.

Sources and reasons of infection

The virus is transmitted through infected grafting stalks or by pathogenic nematodes. The pathogen can remain in the rhizome and other organs of the diseased plant

Preventive measures

The virus cannot be treated, the sick shrubs need to be eliminated and burned. To prevent the disease, carefully select the planting material carefully and carefully.

Also, the heat treatment of shoots for aeration is carried out for 4 weeks at a temperature of 37°С.