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Neoseiulus swirskii

Amblyseius swirskii

Controls whitefly and thrips, rusty tomato mite in greenhouse, open ground and fruit trees.


Unit of packaging

Tube contains 25,000 adults 


Transportation and storage

To store in the dark.

Storage temperature: 10-15°C.

Storage after receipt: 18 hours.


Controls eggs, larvae of whitefly, thrips first instar.

Introduction ratio

Apply 25 species per m2 twice a month preventively. For pest control the quantity is increased in 2-4 times depending on infestation. Apply 1 sachet per 2m2

Application conditions

Humidity not lower than 60% (optimal 70%), temperature 18-20°С. Tolerates with high temperature.


Color depends on nutrition, varies from light-yellow to dark-red or even purple. Size is less than 1mm.

Life cycle

Female lays 2 eggs a day (28-38 eggs per life). Development is less than 7 days (egg, larva, protonymph, deutonymph, adult).


It is effectively used on crops with much pollen (cucumber, eggplant, pepper). Not susceptible to diapause, so it can be applied in winter.