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Orius laevigatus

Orius laevigatus

Predatory bug controls larvae of thrips (European and tobacco), whitefly, spider mite, moth eggs. under certain conditions can save its population feeding on plant sap and pollen.


Unit of packaging

bottle contains 500 nymphs and adults mixed with buckwheat husks and some vermiculite


Transportation and storage

To store in the dark.

Storage temperature: 8-10°C.

Storage after receipt: 48 hours.


Use to control adult and larvae thrips in greenhouse and open ground, shrubs and fruit trees.

Introduction ratio

Thrips: 0,5-1 unit/m2 every 2 weeks. Locally introduce 10-15 units/m2. Apple early morning or late evening in cool weather to limit flight of bugs.


Optimal temperature: 21-27°С, humidity: over 60%. Not susceptible to diapause.


Color: light or dark brown with grey spots, size: 1,4-2,4 (3) mm.

Life cycle

Bug has 7 instars: egg, 5 nymph instars, adult. Development from egg to adult lasts 15-18 days at 25°С. Female to male ratio is 1:1. During life (20-45 days) female lays 120-150 eggs into mesophyll.


When lack of prey predator feeds on other food source, such as pollen (especially on pepper). Also can eat Amblyseius cucumeris if applied together. It is better to introduce Orius when side shoots are taken away as eggs may be lost.