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// // // Perspectives and peculiarities of growing plants in protected ground

Perspectives and peculiarities of growing plants in protected ground

Vegetable crops of the closed ground

As an agronomist, I believe that the simplest crop that can be grown is a lettuce, and nothing is simpler. On the second place is the cucumber, the third, in my understanding, is eggplant, the fourth is tomato, and the fifth place is pepper.

The profitability of growing strawberries in a greenhouse

Strawberries grown in Russia at "Maisky" (Kazan), "Teplichny" (Samara), Sovkhoz "Alekseevsky" (Bashkortostan), TC "Seym-Agro" (Kursk region), southern greenhouses. The taste of strawberries depends on the concentration of nutrient solution. Concentration higher - strawberries are sweeter, but less yield. Prior to reddening berries apply a higher concentration. As soon as the redness begins, the concentration decreases, the water is attracted by the plant - and the fruits of the water weigh more.

Клубника в теплице фото

Difficulties in cultivating this crop are associated with the search for quality planting material. It is necessary for him to grow or import low-quality. From where I did not bring: strawberries came from Krasnodar, Ukraine, Belorussia - everywhere of poor quality. One company from Adygea ("Nika") did not give up, sent a good variety, Albion is called. There is no final winter technology for growing strawberries in protected ground. There are intermediate technologies with transplants and cooling, but no more is achieved by more than 6 kg with 1 m2. TC "Maysky" achieved a maximum of 6 kg of berries with 1 m2. If you recalculate the cost price of these products, it becomes obvious that it is not profitable to grow this crop. At an average price of 500 rubles per kilo per year and a yield of 6 kg / m2, it yields 3000 rubles / m2. It is better to grow cherry tomatoes, they will be cheaper to cost, but they will be much larger.

Cultivation of green crops in protected ground

Everyone who tries to adjust the production of greens (dill, parsley, lettuce), in 1-2 years come to the fact that only lettuce begin to produce. There is a demand for dill, but it grows 44-48 days, and the salad is 28. At the same density of placement of pots on the useful area, twice the growing time takes place, respectively, it affects the cost price. Everyone wants to buy standardized products and say: "Why dill is twice as expensive if it is in the same package as lettuce?" Do you want to make money from us? We better buy dill from Uzbekistan ". We are very well positioned to supply dill from Middle Asia. It is imported in banana boxes and sold by weight bundles.

We do not have a culture of consumption of the basil, it is in the North Caucasus, in the South, and in the middle strip it is not eaten. The hand also does not eat, because it does not smell like if it was grown in open ground in the foothills. If you make a real handle, then it will give a normal sheet only on the third slice. If you wait for the handle only after 3 slicks - its cost price will be "golden", because every square meter of the greenhouse costs a certain amount of money. Even in the middle zone, it is necessary to give 70 m3 of gas per m2 per year, plus labor costs, capital expenditures, water costs, plant nutrition and protection. If you produce products for 6 thousand rubles a year - this is the minimum threshold, then your greenhouse will not be able to pay the loan, pay people and in 1-2 years will come to bankruptcy. No one puts money into the hothouse combine constantly, without taking away from there.

Production of onion in greenhouse during the winter

In film greenhouses and vegetariums it is possible to grow onion. In modern greenhouses, it is better to make onions through seeds, so-called bunch onion. Such a technology exists, it also grows on racks. However, the duration of cultivation is 60-70 days. There are such seeds, they and the Dutch are - they offer, and there are also our manufacturers. People try, plant 50-100 pots, sell for the hurray, but at the cost that does not pay off.

Cultivation of pepper in protected ground

When cultivating pepper in the first place is the problem of blossom-end rot. Peppers do not like high concentrations, so it is difficult to solve this problem only with the help of mineral nutrition. Pepper needs protection through biopreparations. It is very difficult to grow pepper without biological protection. In Russia, pepper is grown only on soils. Peppers are greatly loved in Russia, but, first, it is very difficult to grow, and secondly, it is very well transported and even if it is grown in Spain and imported through Belarus and Slovenia (it says that it was produced in Slovenia), Then its cost price is still lower than the market in Russia.

Перец в теплице фото

Eggplant in the greenhouse is a promising crop

If you compare pepper and eggplant, then the second is easier and more profitable to grow in our country. Eggplant in Moscow in summer could be sold even for 200-250 rubles, when the import from Spain and Turkey was closed. Eggplant, if not much to try, can produce up to 40 kg of crop with 1 m2. This crop begins to fructify even earlier than tomatoes. The first eggplant on the "Seym-Agro" cut off until March 8, and tomato began to harvest on March 28. In this case, the eggplant does not need to be shut down. Of eggplant good bio rows - they are all developing. On these bio rows, for example, Orius is evicted in a triple dosage, and after the devastation of this crop, he goes over to tomatoes and a cucumber.

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