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// // // Phytoseiulus persimilis

Phytoseiulus persimilis

Phytoseiulus persimilis

Predatory mite for spider mite control, also for Panonychus citri and Bryobia lagodechiana (early instars) control.

Unit of packaging

100 ml bottle contains: 2,000 adults 

Transportation and storage

To store in the dark. Storage temperature: 5–10°C. Storage after receipt: 18 hours.


On fruit (strawberry), vegetable (pepper, eggplant, tomato, cucumber), ornamentals (rose, gerbera). Predator kills all instars of pests. Predatory mites search actively for their prey; females die without prey within 4 days. It is effective to apply Phytoseiulus together with Amblyseius californicus, Amblyseius andersoni. It is important to suppress pest population, it is hard to control pest density of 4 units per a leaf.

Introduction ratio

To apply Phytoseiulus during 2-3 weeks. To introduce predator every 7-14 days. To apply preventively 5-10 units per 1 m2 every 2 weeks. To apply 20-50 per 1 m2 every 2 weeks if large pest density. Introduce in infested areas only.

Environmental conditions

Optimal temperature: 21-29°С. Humidity: 75%. Lower temperature threshold: 14°С. Humidity is very important factor. Hatching decreases if humidity is lower 70%. Food active decreases if humidity is high (more than 90%).


Bright red, varying from dark-red to orange-red. Larvae are lighter. Size: 0.5 mm. Eggs of predator are bigger and longer than of spider mite.

Life cycle

In life cycle there are egg instar, three larva instars and adult. Development lasts 5 days from egg to imago at temperature 30°C, 9 days at temperature 20°C and 25 days at temperature 15°C. It is twice shorter than spider mite life cycle. Female lays 2-6 eggs during 24 hours and 50-100 eggs during life.

Six-leg larva (first instar) does not control pest. Further instars are active predators. Adult lives 20-25 days.


From the first sight predator can be confused with spider mite in diapause. However, predator is faster and does not have dark spots on its sides. Predator eats 4-5 diapause females a day unless there is no prey. Such nutrition has negative effect on fertility of Phytoseiulus. On lowered plants predator is less effective (for example, on tomato). Mite does not have eyes; it finds its prey by touching.