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// // // Plant diseases in the greenhouse

Plant diseases in the greenhouse

Protection of plants against diseases

The production of protected ground vegetables is not possible without plant protection from diseases and pests, whether they are film greenhouses or high-tech greenhouses. In order to protect the crop from diseases, it is necessary to know the causes of its development and methods of treatment.

Blossom-end rot on tomato

There are at least 12 causes of blossom-end rot and only one of them is a lack of calcium. As a rule, this disease is caused by bacterial infection of the plant. Not all bacteriosis kill the plant, but they all cause tomato blossom-end rot. Other reasons may be: a violation of the EU or the ratio of elements (too much potassium, magnesium).

Вершинная гниль на томате фото

There are more stable, there are less resistant to vertex rot hybrids, but to bring to the disease can be any tomato. There are no resistant hybrids to the bacterial blossom-end rot. Non-resistant to blossom-end rot are those that have an elongated shape, for example, plum-shaped, peppermint tomatoes, but manage to get the disease even on cherry. Though the smaller the fruit of tomato, the more difficult it is to get blossom-end rot on it. We in the country mostly love beef tomatoes and grow mostly them.

Brown tropical bacterial rot (Ralstonia)

Brown tropical bacterial rot damages roses, and tomatoes, and other solanaceous. This disease first damages the eggplant, then tomato and pepper, but does not affect the cucumber. Ralstonia is now raging in the northwest of Russia. Biopreparations is not enough to squeeze mass Ralstonia. It is very weak: in a Petri dish it eats any biopreparation, but tries to make as much biopreparation, pour so much that it was enough to replace its amount in the mother if it has a reproduction rate of one division in 20 minutes. You have devoured 99%, the biomass of a pathogen over a day exceeds the biomass that was a day ago.

Downy mildew on a cucumber

This year, downy mildew severely damaged in booths. Many vegetable producers in film greenhouses want to grow tomato due to this disease. There are few places in booths, little air and high humidity - all this contributes to the development of the disease. Downy mildew is difficult to achieve in modern greenhouses, where humidity is controlled, although there it happens.


Ложная мучнистая роса огурца фото

In modern greenhouses, everyone suffers from black stem, rugose mosaic, powdery mildew, stem forms of fusariosis. The roots have already learned to defend well, but the stems are very difficult to protect against fusariosis. It is possible to make a pail from the stem form, but it is not technologically. I believe that there are now three major diseases: Crazy Root, taped mosaic and powdery mildew on tomato - everything else is nonsense. If you deal with these three, then everything else is treated simply.

Powdery mildew on tomatoes

For tomatoes, Russia has been racking powdery mildew for two years. She used to destroy cucumbers before, and for tomorrow it destroys tomatoes. It is another powdery mildew, it does not go to cucumbers, and also mildew from cucumbers does not go to tomatoes - it is another species. The Torero hybrid does not have the resistance to this disease - it is very difficult to cope with it, there is no single authorized preparation.

Мучнистая роса картинка

Allowed product is Falcon, which has three active ingredients in its composition. The preparation itself is very hard. Falcon stops the growth of the fruits for 2 weeks, if it is permissible, then you can use it. He does not kill, but stops the growth of the plant, it gets the strongest stress. Especially if you, for example, take Ridomil in Holland and Ridomil in Russia, then there will be two completely different preparations. In Dutch you can work hard in the greenhouse, and we can burn the plants, because Ridomil has a different composition for Russia. Aliett preparation is cured with powdery mildew on tomato, but it is not registered.

Preparation "Narcissus" for the prevention of powdery mildew

Chitosan made of shrimps is mixed with a solvent, after which the latter is evaporated and Narcissus is obtained. It is an alien plant product, but it works greatly against stress and for the prevention of powdery mildew. I have been working with this drug since the mid-nineties. Now on the basis of it a new preparation is made, called "Ecogel". On soils it is also used against nematodes. Nematodes are not attached to the roots that are processed by Narcissus. It is used in the ground in a closed soil on all the soil, and on the "small" use only on the sheet, since there is no point to apply under the root. Chitosan-based preparations are prophylactic drugs. They need to work beforehand (from seedlings) and systematically, then by the spring, the plant will come out from the thicker parenchyma of leaves, which will be embedded in a foreign protein chitosan. A mushroom fungus will already be harder to hit such a plant.

Chitosan does not help against viruses. The virus of rugose mosaic is the main disease that comes from viruses, it affects everything and is treated only with potassium iodide, pharmacies and protein of milk. Take 1 kg of dry milk, 30 grams of potassium iodide, dissolves in hot water and dilute in 1 cubic meter of water and this solution is processed. There is also a drug called Virone, but it works after a while, this drug is swimmering. I tried to handle a virus with a vaccine, which some Moscow institute releases, but does not help. If the virus has caught up, it is better to do the disinfection: to treat with pharmacies or iodine potassium.

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