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Plant growth stimulants

Rooter Rooter

Liquid organic stimulant for root formation and growth of plants

Packing: 0.25 liter, 0.5 liter, 1 liter, 5 liters.

Leili 2000 Pro Powder Leili 2000 Pro Powder

Sustainable mix of nutrient elements on seaweed

Unit of packing: 1 kg; 4 kg.

Seamino Pro Seamino Pro

Growth stimulant on seaweed with stress-relieving effect

Unit of packaging: 1 liters, 5 liters.

Boro Pro Boro Pro

Liquid fertilizer containing organic boron in an intelligible form

Unit of packaging: 1 liter, 5 liters.

Alga 1000 Algae 1000

Balanced high-efficiency mixture of micronutrients in chelated form

Packing: 1 kg.

Leili 2000 Pro Liquid Leili 2000 Pro Liquid

Liquid fertilizer for stimulation of seed germination and disease prevention

Packing: 1 liter.

Growth stimulants types

Growth stimulants divide into:

1) natural and organic - products on vegetative or zoological basis;

2) synthetic – products made by chemical means.

Usually organic growth stimulants have more active ingredients, they are more effective and loyal to plants comparing with chemical stimulants.

Biochefarm Rus Growth Stimulants

Growth stimulants of Biochefarm Rus are balanced products with macro-, meso- and microelements in chelated form. They contain amino acids, hormones and other important components with seaweed extract. Biochefarm Rus growth stimulants are made on the base of seaweed extract that contains cytokinin, potassium alginate higher polymer, betaine, mannitol, algoid polyphenol and other components. These substances enhance increase of cell inclusions and plant tolerance to diseases. Cytokinin, a plant hormone, stimulates cell fission and growth of plant shoots.

Biochefarm Rus growth stimulants include the following products: Alga, Leili 2000 Pro, Siamino Pro, Router and Boro Pro. Alga 1000 is valuable organic-mineral fertilizer made of seaweeds Sargasso, Laminaria, Ascophullum nodosum. The fertilizer contains carbohydrates, amino acids, macro-, meso- and micro elements. Alga 1000 is a natural fertilizer that promotes rapid plant growth and development, increases yield and increases grown products quality. Leili 2000 Pro, Siamino Pro and Router promote plants growth and increase their tolerance to unfavorable conditions at the inner development stages. In its turn, this causes earlier and quality yield. Leili 2000 Pro is effective product stimulating germination of seeds and increasing diseases resistance at first development stages.

Router helps plant to rehabilitate after transplanting and enhances root system growth. Siamino Pro contains amino acids that are ingredients of liquid stress-relieving biological stimulant. They provide energy for biological processes that occur under unfavorable conditions (frosts, chemical burns, high or low temperatures). Boro Pro is organic and mineral fertilizer that contains organic Boron. It helps better taken up and gentle impact of microelement.

Growth stimulants perform the following functions:

  • Better germination of seedlings (Leili Pro);
  • Rooting improvement (Router), in particular after transplanting;
  • Increase of tolerance to unfavorable conditions (Leili Pro, Siamino Pro);
  • Prevention of fruit drop and increase of obtained product (Boro Pro);
  • Getting earlier yield

These growth stimulants are used both in protected and open ground on various crops: technical, grain, legume, vegetable, ornamentals, fruit and berry, grapes.

Use these products for pre-planting seed treatment (grains, legumes) or seed dipping for 8-12 hours (vegetables, ornamentals); soil dressing during vegetation period and foliar dressing.