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Review of Yegoryevskoye LLC about products of ECO Culture company

Review of Yegoryevskoye LLC

In September 2016 ECO Culture company provided us for testing the products Router, Siamino Pro and Leili 2000 Pro. Alexey Dragan, the employee of the company, recommended these products for application on rooted cuttings of spicy and flower crops. The complex of preparations was applied in the autumn-winter period, on hard-rooted crops, such as rosemary and thyme, 90% of the cuttings took root - this is an excellent result. Plants develop well, there is no shortage of microelements and signs of the development of plant diseases.


The products proved themselves and we can recommend Router, Siamino Pro and Leili 2000 Pro when growing rooted cuttings of plants. Preparations are easy to use.