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// // // Soft Guard Bioagent + (Bacterial Trichoderma 10-15 * 12)

Soft Guard Bioagent + (Bacterial Trichoderma 10-15 * 12)

Soft Guard Bioagent Trichoderma

Water-soluble microcrystals with microorganisms that improve the biochemical and physical properties of the soil.


Physico-chemical properties: water-soluble microcrystals.

Unit of packaging: 1kg, 20 kg.

Rate of application: 0.8 - 2.0 kg / ha.

Application area

The product can be used for vegetables (cucumber, tomato, eggplant, cabbage, sugar beet), ornamentals, fruit-berry (strawberry, raspberry, currant, apple). Use as an anti-stress product during transplantation, improving plant survival; to increase growth and development, increase resistance to disease and stress, increase crop yields and improve product quality.

Composition of Soft Guard Bioagent Trichoderma

Microelements: MgO + CaO ≥ 25 г/кг
Seaweed extract 10 г/кг
Bacteria Trichoderma 10-15 млрд/грамм

Application rate and method of treatment

Field crops

When dressing seeds, Soft Guard BioAgent is used at a rate of 250 grams per 100 kg of seeds. The rate of consumption when making the method of fertigation: 0.8-2.0 kg / ha. Using Soft Guard BioAgent is possible when the soil temperature is over 8 °C. Foliar top dressing should be done in the morning or evening, or in cloudy weather. Contributions are done every 10-12 weeks. The last application should be no later than 4 weeks before the fall. The preparation can be applied together with other fertilizers or corrective top dressings with the norm of 4-5 kg / ton of fertilizers. Soft Guard BioAgent is compatible with most fungicides, liquid fertilizers, insecticides and acaricides.

Vegetable and decorative greenhouse crops

Soft Guard BioAgent is applied twice a season at intervals of one month with consumption rate 0.8-2 kg / ha in early spring. For the constant presence of Soft Guard BioAgent in the root zone, further application is recommended with a norm of 20 g per 100 m2 (in the inter-row) or 40 g per 100 m2 (per leaf) once a month in summer. When applying Soft Guard BioAgent on pot plants immediately after planting, the rate of application is 40 g per 100 liters of water per 1000 plants. If pre-treatment of planting or seed material was carried out, the rate of application Soft Guard BioAgent is 20 g / 100 liters of water per 1000 plants. The drug is given every 10-12 weeks.

Fruit and berry crops

In gardening use Soft Gard BioAgent immediately after planting with a rate of flow of 40 g / 100 liters of water per 10 m2. When using Soft Guard BioAgent by the method of fertigation, the solution should be prepared at the rate of 40 g / 100 l of water and be applied immediately after sowing or planting the cuttings. In the case of pre-treatment of planting or seeding material, Soft Guard BioAgent can use a half rate (1.5 grams per m2).


Soft Guard BioAgent supports the natural protective mechanisms of plants, preventing the infection and development of a number of fungal, bacterial and viral diseases. Oligosaccharides, which are part of the preparation, contribute to the synthesis of phytoalexins - internal plant antibiotics, and the presence of potassium promotes a natural increase in immunity. The product shows a synergistic effect with fungicides. Useful microorganisms participate in the processes of ammonification (decomposition of proteins and nucleic acids), mineralize organic nitrogen compounds, provide replenishment of mineral nitrogen in the soil. Soft Guard BioAgent is certified as an organic product.

Time of application in open ground