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Steinernema feltiae

Steinernema feltiae

Steinernema feltiae is a roundworm and infects various types of insects and infects them with pathogenic microorganisms. Entomopathogenic nematodes are in symbiosis with pathogens of insects that belong to the genera: Staphylococcus, Pseudomonas, Flavobacterium, Proteus. Steinernema feltiae contains a mutualistic bacterium Xenohabdus bovienii.


Unit of packaging

A package contains of 50 and 500 million of third instar larvae.

Transportation and storage

Store in the dark.

Storage temperature: 2-6°C.


It is necessary to use the whole package with Steinernema feltiae, as the nematodes are not equally distributed in the package. The mixture should be used immediately after preparation. UV negatively affects the nematode, so treatment should be done in the evening. Mix well the contents of the package with 5 liters of water and wait for half a minute for better dissolution, then shake again and transfer to the tank with the rest of the liquid. The solution of nematodes must be constantly mixed, so that they do not settle to the bottom. The treatment is carried out both by applying under the root, and working on the leaf using sprinkling irrigation, mobile irrigation system, shoulder sprayer or watering can. It is necessary to remove all filters from the equipment, while the minimum allowable size of the nozzle holes is 0.5 mm so that there is no blockage.

Introduction to soil

Before and after application of nematodes, the soil must be moistened. It is necessary to maintain high soil moisture in the next 2 weeks after the use of the nematode. The rate of use of nematodes is 0.5 million per m2.

Leaf treatment

The rate of application is 0.25 million per m2. For greater efficiency, it can be mixed with sticking agents. Apply nematodes every 7 days until pest control is achieved.


Nematodes are effective at temperatures: from 12 to 30 ° C. They can be applied at a soil temperature of 8 to 33°C. Moisture is a very important condition for the effective use of Steinernema feltiae.


Invasive larvae are round worms with a length of about 0.9 mm.


Steinernema feltiae is safe for beneficial insects, animals and humans.