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// // // Tuta absoluta

Tomato moth (Tuta absoluta)

Tuta absoluta

Tuta absoluta or tomato moth is a very dangerous pest for solanaceous: potato, eggplant, pepper, especially tomato.



Can kill almost all harvest without control.

How to distinguish

Adults are long 6-10 mm, of grey- brown color. Horns are black with grey rings. Caterpillars make mines inside the leaves in form of spots.

Мины Туты Абсолюты в листе томата картинка
Tuta absoluta mines in a tomato leaf

Life cycle

Active at over 9°С. Female lays about 240-300 eggs during life. Caterpillars live inside leaves, stalks and green fruit eating them. When molt, caterpillars appear from their mines. Pest have 4 instars, then pupate in soil or on plant. With age yellow larvae become green and black stripe on head appears. On fourth instar the back is pink and size of pest is 9 mm.

Личинка томатной минирующей моли в листе изображение

Larva of tomato moth inside the leaf

Prevention and biological control

For preventive control in greenhouse use Macrolophus pygmaeus and Nesidiocoris tenuis.