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Yellow glue traps

Yellow glue traps

For catching pests of vegetable and flower crops in individual and industrial greenhouses.


Size: 25x10 cm

Packing: 10 pcs in a package.

Appearance, color: yellow plastic, glued on both sides.

Application: vegetable and flower crops of open and protected ground.

For catching and destruction of creeping, flying pests in greenhouses, personal part-time farms, on houseplants; As well as for monitoring pests of plants in greenhouses

Application methods:

In greenhouses with cucumber, traps are set at a height of 20-25 cm from the top of the green cone, and in greenhouses with tomatoes and peppers - at the middle of the bush. Traps attached to the elements of the construction of greenhouses with twine at the rate of 1 trap for 5-7 m2. of area.

Hazard class: 4 (low hazard) (GOST 12.1.007-76).

Toxicological and ecological characteristics:

All components are safe for the environment. Hygienic rationing in environmental objects and in grown products is not required.